About me

Frederick Hartmann, born on October 11, 1995, began at a young age to deal with the computer and the many different possibilities of the Internet. He played around with many photo, video and music programs and created websites.

His skills in these areas also inspired him to take private singing and music composition courses, which enabled him to develop his voice and learn the basics of music composition. He has also participated in a moderator seminar.

A business and travel enthusiast, Frederick began his first trip abroad at the age of 19 and visited the capital of Georgia. „Tblisi was a very interesting city. I learned so much in the 5 days that I was there that I can hardly describe it“.

Frederick works as an active freelancer and is CEO of FreddyToday LLC. He creates websites and translates English texts into German for his clients. He also writes books, articles and creates videos and music. He also works on his own video games and programs, and is involved in e-commerce.

He is also interested in economics and finance. He is always open for new projects, and is quality oriented. Frederick can be described as a classic serial entrepreneur.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Frederick has been living in the Philippines for over 2 years and is motivated to dive into new cultures.